How to Recharge Your Body and Mind for Online Business with Energy- Boosting Fitness

Wednesday, April 28th at 8 PM EDT

What if I could help you to reframe workouts as short and sweet bursts of activity rather than big, sweaty, ordeals?

No burpees or mountain climbers required!

Imagine creating little bursts of energy in the middle of your busy day of working with clients, posting on social media, and virtual meetings.

Imagine having a quick lunch break that includes food and fitness. Win-Win!

Wouldn't it feel great if you could manage your workload, feel more energetic, and find time in your day to sneak in exercise without having to change your clothes?

Picnic bench on the beach, made out of a tree, with a laptop on top. The laptop has an image of rippled water. The waves are in the distance.

You likely started an online business to create more freedom in your life, right?


Though your business may be location-independent, I'm guessing you aren't actually working from the beach and taking mid-day workout breaks by the ocean. A queen can dream.

Beach Workout (1)

Are you even taking genuine breaks?

Do you make time for movement in your day?

No shame. It's a genuine struggle in our current world.

When designing our businesses we have to also make time for our health.

Self-care, Fitness, and Nutrition are just as important as Marketing, Promotion, and Sales.

Just like how social media posts don't publish themselves, our bodies don't get stronger without intention. 

Join me to discover how to improve the health of your body, and subsequently, your business.

Because the truth is, Queen, your body is your business.

If you burn her out, your ability to serve your customers will come to a halt. See, your body is so influential. She knows how to communicate with you. More importantly, she knows how to get her way.

You know what I'm talking about. You've felt her power, haven't you?

In this webinar, you'll learn

The benefits of fitness for your business. They have nothing to do with 6-pack-abs, thigh gaps, or growing peaches. They have everything to do with enjoying the body you have and thinking more clearly. 

How to sneak fitness into your day, in-between Zoom calls, Instagram posts, and Facebook Group comments. 

A simple way to build awareness around your energy levels.

Real talk about the similarities and differences of the mindset you need for fitness goals and business goals. 

Michelle Stevens - Circle

I'm not a "just do it" kind of fitness professional.

Truly, I almost lost my life to the "just do it" mentality. I'm on a mission to help women listen to their own bodies to benefit their health, their lives, and their ambition.

Because I have multiple chronic illnesses, including Type 1 Diabetes and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, taking my body for granted was never an option.

There's a better way than sacrificing your health for your success.

Many business models are detrimental to our energy and our health. Honestly, I'm tired of seeing women's health crash after a launch and being go-go-go instead of flow-flow-flow.

It may take longer to see worldly success if you don't follow the biz celebrities, but if you keep your health front and center, you're already winning.

Come to this webinar (or watch the replay) to see how you can increase the health of your body and your business with short and sweet bursts of fitness.

You'll sign off from the webinar with a gentle strategy for putting healthy practices into motion. (😉 pun intended)

From there, I'm available to be your guide to support you in sustainably winning in fitness and business.

If you have a question,

Send me a chat via that cute pink box in the right-hand corner,


Message me @MyBodyMyQueen on Instagram.

See You Soon, Queen!

I'll be doing a happy dance as soon as I see your RSVP.

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