Squeeze in 5 Minutes of Movement Challenge

January 25-28th, 2022

Free 4-Day Fitness Challenge

Even though it’s January, there’s no need to jump straight from the couch to a daily 60-minute bootcamp.


If you tried the typical new year’s resolution to work out, but it didn’t go as planned, you can get back to fitness with 5-minutes at a time.

No Burpees Necessary.

(or sports bra)

Is carrying your laundry up and down the stairs the most cardio and strength training you’ve gotten in a while?

You’re not alone. 

The 2020s have happened to all of us. 

It’s deeply affected our routines, adventures, and physical activity.

Join the Squeeze in 5 Minutes of Movement free challenge and learn how to get a little more movement into your work from home days so you can feel less blah and more vibrant. 

Whether you were the woman at the front of your yoga class in 2019 or haven’t worked out since you graduated, by the end of this free 4-day challenge you will see how simple it is to get more physical activity back into your week, 5 minutes at a time. It all adds up.


The Squeeze in 5 Minutes of Movement Challenge will help you take a break from your workday and get out of your head for 5 sweet minutes of dynamic stretching. (That’s a fancy way of saying stretching while moving. It’s a great way to have a little energetic pick-me-up.)


What's Included?

Want to build your exercise habit back up without getting obsessed about fitness, putting on a sports bra, or commuting to the gym?

Fill out the form below and click the purple button to sign up for the Squeeze in 5-Minutes of Movement Challenge.

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Hello Hello! I'm Michelle.

I’m on a mission to help ambitious women who take care of business, take care of themselves. I’m a certified Personal Trainer, BarreAbove Instructor, and Clinical Exercise Physiologist who believes in energy management and self-care before fitness-as-usual. 

I’m running this challenge so you can feel the mental and emotional benefits of physical activity for yourself without needing to change out of your work pajamas, put on a sports bra, or fight for a parking spot at the gym. Even if you used to be at the front of your evening Zumba class, it’s good to start slowly. Over time you can work up 30 minutes of physical activity to strengthen your muscles, heart, and lungs.


This is for you if

You regularly think about getting into an exercise habit again, overthink it, don’t do it, and then start feeling guilty. 

(Rest and Repeat)


You can think of 5 different exercises you could do right now. You just haven’t done them in awhile.


You have just enough flexibility in your work from home schedule to make 5 minutes of “you time” happen between Zoom Calls, emails, and reheating your coffee.

By the end of this free challenge, you will be able to say you exercised!

How many people do you know that can say that by the 4th week of January?

The Details

Join the Squeeze in 5-minutes of Movement Challenge and enjoy the sweet confidence boost of getting 20 more minutes (5 minutes x 4 days) of movement than you did last week.

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