I guide perfectly imperfect, ambitious women in creating fabulously sustainable and pleasurable self-care practices of practical stress relief, fun fitness, and simple nutrition.

It's far too easy to be in a battle with your body as a woman.

If living with Type 1 Diabetes has taught me anything, it's that being harsh with ourselves makes autoimmune flare-ups and burnout worse.

I'm here to support women in treating their bodies like queens.


Imagine shifting your relationship with your body to "My body is my queen."

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Hello Queen!

You're driven and ambitious, but your body keeps freaking out and getting angry with you. WTF is going on?!? You have dreams of taking- over- the-world proportions, and yet, you feel like a hot mess. You are a high-functioning, modern-day warrior queen, who's been battling her own life and body. No one in your life seems to know just how thinly spread you truly are. You're the dependable one in your life, which is great, but you've run out of time and energy to take care of yourself beyond survival. Instead of flirting with fun and sexy people, you're flirting with burnout. Nobody wants that.

If your self-care is stressing you out, you're doing it wrong.

A Type 1 Diabetic since 1992, I've had little choice but to keep an eye on my health and be aware of every bite of food. Combine that with growing up around diet culture, drinking meal replacement shakes before shaker cups came with a fancy whisk ball, and holding myself to the ideal image of a fitness professional- It's no wonder that I burned out from "taking care of myself." My self-care was stressing my body and I almost died because of it.

Lesson Learned. I'm a recovering hot mess and a happy weight-loss-dropout. I've left weight loss plans and fitness fads behind. I have multiple chronic illnesses and they all need to be considered when planning my life. Self-care looks different for those of us living with autoimmune illnesses or burnout.  I believe in creating self-care plans that are soulful and scientific. I'm a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer with an intuitive and feminine style.

Let's end the battle with our bodies and start treating ourselves like queens. Everyone else can follow our lead. 

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A Queen's Self-Love Workout Plan

Let's build those self-love and self-care muscles!

You're worth it, Queen.

Through this "workout plan" PDF, you'll discover how to support your physical, mental, and emotional health by adding self-care activities to your routine a little bit at a time.

This process will create a beautiful foundation to balance your future fitness and nutrition endeavors.

Success Stories

"Michelle taught me more about listening to and loving my body with autoimmune disease in one hour than I've learned in 30 years."

Queen Megan

"Chase Dreams, Not Symptoms, Bootcamp" got me to take my health issues more seriously—not in a downer sort of way, but just to be able to really hear what my body wants to tell me."

 Queen Sandra

Michelle motivates me to take care of myself in a way that fits my needs, not the traditional narrative of wellness. With her guidance, support, and a little nudge if I need it, I feel more empowered than ever to take charge of my health.

 Queen Meaghan

Michelle's bootcamp was just what I needed and the timing was perfect. I'm a part of a lot of online groups for my particular illnesses, but they are mostly filled with sadness and hopelessness. Her bootcamp was the opposite. It was tailored to my needs, uplifting, and connected me with real women who understood the struggle of being sick without giving up.

 Queen Cindy

Imagine having less struggle and more peace with your body

As someone who battled with mystery symptoms that were never clearly diagnosed, having the simplest cold turn to bronchitis, and routinely hearing doctors start their sentences with, "we don't see this very often" I wanted nothing more than to feel at peace with my body. At this point, I can tell you that it's possible. The mystery illnesses have stopped. I catch the flare-ups faster than ever. It took a near-death experience to wake me up, but I finally stopped battling my body. With a firm foundation of stress-relieving self-care, I'm able to make fitness a consistent and fun part of my life.


My body is my partner in living an awesome life. She is my queen and I follow her command.


Our bodies are trying to talk to us all the time. We're too stubborn to listen to it, trying to fix it with diet and exercise, rather than healing the stress and emotions that are irritating our physical ailments. I blend science and "woo", the clinical and the non-traditional.


I'll take a poetic and scientific look at your health and your life, so you can:

start to understand its unique language,

hear what it's been trying to tell you all along, and

create a self-care plan of stress relief, fitness, and nutrition that's just for you.

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You are Safe. You are Beautiful. You are Held. You are Loved. 

(and you're super sexy, too!)

5 Self-Care Alternatives to Diet, Exercise, and Losing Weight

Let's end the battle with our bodies and start treating ourselves like queens. Everyone else can follow our lead.

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