Your body is the team member that you need to talk to most.

Your body can be your business partner and guide. Like all great relationships, that means learning what it needs to feel listened to, honored, and respected.

Otherwise, your body’s more likely to throw a tantrum and use symptoms, flareups, and exhaustion to make you pay attention – usually around an important deadline. Our bodies don’t play fair in their last-minute negotiations, but their tough-love comes from a place of wisdom. 

When you learn to communicate with your body proactively and treat it well, you’ll both be happier about your lifelong partnership.  

The resources you’ll find on this site will help you prevent business burnout in the future by manage your energy, health, and priorities, even when you don’t feel 100%.

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In a world that demands linear everything, embrace the curvy.

The needs of your life and business remain, even when you don’t feel 100%. Minimizing the off-days, and learning to work with them when they do happen, by practicing energy management is key.

Finding self-care that’s playful, pleasurable, and practical is so important, so you’ll actually prioritize it after a day of Zoom calls, emails, and planning. It won’t be another thing on your to-do list, you’ll look forward to it.

In this Queendom, I’m dedicated to teaching you energy management, movement, and body compassion so you can create a lifestyle of Exquisite Self-Care, and keep making magic and mischief in the world.

Let's discover your fabulous blend of Exquisite Self-Care.


Energy Management

To find what’s truly best for you, getting better at listening to yourself is so necessary. That little voice inside you, those little feelings of magic and mischief, they’re worth listening to, amplifying, and protecting. 

I teach energy management with the help of Spoon Theory to help you discover what your body needs on high, medium, and low energy days – especially if you have undiagnosed mystery symptoms, burnout, invisible chronic illness or metabolic autoimmune conditions. 

No matter what form your self-care takes, as long as it’s truly stress-relieving or rejuvenating, it is a defense against burnout. 

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You started an online business so you could take better care of your health. You thought you’d see more sunshine than the blue light of Zoom calls or scrolling through social media. Yet here we are. Making time for movement and other self-care practices in your business, helps you be a healthy version of yourself and keep serving the world with your fabulousness.

Movement is medicine, and I’m going to help you find physical activity that makes your body happy, plus decreases your risk of Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease, and helps manage conditions you already have.

No burpees necessary. Life’s intense enough already. 

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Body Compassion

True self-care requires maintaining boundaries and continuing to prioritize yourself.  It’s not frivolous. It’s self-preservation.

In this Queendom, self-care can be so many things – art, play, exercise, nutrition, or pampering. It’s not always a bubble bath with a colorful and fragrant bath bomb, but that’s a pretty good place to brainstorm other ideas that help restore or boost your energy.

I’m here to help amplify what your intuition and body are already telling you. I’m here to support you and help you move from business burnout to self-care that feeds your creative and playful energy.

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Dare to be your version of healthy, even with an autoimmune diagnosis.

You are more than your numbers. Together, we’ll acknowledge the life behind your lab results. We’ll redefine what healthy looks and feels like for you.

 I’ve been living with Type 1 Diabetes since 1992, and gathered even more autoimmune diagnoses along the way. I transform that into magic by using my conditions to listen to my intuition. I’ll happily guide you in finding that healthy version of yourself, too. 

Don't just take my word for it

Are you treating your body like royalty?

You want to take care of yourself with exercise, nutrition, stress relief, and sleep. Business burnout isn’t officially part of your plans, but finding time for yourself seems impossible most days. You desire to feel healthy, but healthy living-as-usual feels so … boring, constrictive, and unrealistic. 

In this Queendom, we pay attention to the interconnectedness of your life and your health. Then, we find ways to sneak more of the healthy stuff in so you can keep making magic and mischief in this world.

Resources to help you give your body the royal treatment.

Strengthening your self-care muscles, so it becomes a natural part of your lifestyle, is a key to success. 

The Energized for Business Private Podcast will help you start to sneak in ways to take care of your self while you’re taking care of business. 

When you’re feeling burned out and exhausted, try the Self-Love Workout Plan. 

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