Spoonful of Burnout Relief

Your toolkit to make practical and stress-relieving self-care part of your weekly routines

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The 2020s have been rough. You're not alone in that.

Though it may look like we may physically getting back to "normal" in 2021, the emotional and mental recovery will likely take a bit longer.

One way to navigate the uncertainty of reuniting as a society is to ensure you've got your own back with self-care.


Is a bubble bath going to fix everything? Absolutely not. (sorry!)

But making the time for yourself on a weekly basis can make all the difference in reclaiming your queendom.

Plus, you're going to need multiple practices in your self-care toolkit.

Michelle Stevens - Circle

Burnout? Been there. Done that. Never going back again.

In 2014, I went through a near-death experience that included a 3-day coma. Trying to be healthy almost killed me. It was clear that my relationship with the fitness and weight loss industry needed to change.

Despite being a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor actively working at a gym, I had to focus more on resting than moving to recover. Self-care became the priority over sets and reps.

Energy management through Spoon Theory has become the foundation of my health to keep autoimmune flare-ups low to non-existent. I teach this to my clients regardless of them having chronic illness or not because we can all benefit from adjusting our plans based on our energy.

Imagine making practical stress-relieving routines a natural part of your life instead of an obligation or something you “should do.”

Or learning to trust your intuition to maintain your boundaries around your schedule, so that at the end of the day you know you’ve got your back.

Or even learning how to have fun in your self-care habits by squeezing playfulness breaks into your day.


That’s totally possible for you! And how do I know? Because I see my clients and friends

-putting less pressure on themselves to do a full 30-minute mindfulness routine when they only have 5 minutes to spare

-turning off the laptop when they’ve already done a day’s work and their coworkers have logged off long ago

-filling their Instagram feed with dancer accounts to encourage them to dance, too


Plus, those are the results I’ve gotten once made my energy management the top priority for my health.

Fitness and nutrition are great, but they won’t make the desired impact on top of a stressed-out foundation.


I see a lot of people stressing out over taking care of themselves. That's counter-productive.

  • The pampering kind of self-care is great, but we’ll be focusing on practices that multi-task as much as possible to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • You can shift your thoughts to self-care, even when doing your daily routines, can provide instant relief. Sitting still during meditation is nice but not necessary.
  • When stress relief and energy management are the foundation of your healthy activities, your fitness and nutrition efforts will have a greater impact and are more likely to achieve your desired results.


Sounds just like the thing you needed to stop feeling so burned out all the time? Then I have just the thing for you!

- Introducing -

Spoonful of Burnout Relief

The on-demand training is ready for your immediate enjoyment.

Plus a 30- minute coaching session via Voxer! ($50 Value)

(This is part of the May and June 2021 Spring Spoonful Special.)

Enroll now for 1 payment of $50 or 2 payments of $27. 

Spoonful of Burnout Relief is an in-depth live training covering everything you need to know to make practical and stress-relieving self-care part of your weekly routines.

No, you don’t have to put your whole life on hold. You can slowly add in self-care. 

You’ll learn how to prioritize your energy and manage your stress in a way that fits in with your daily life so you can get better and better at it.

But most importantly, you’ll have a toolkit that you can access anytime to help relieve your stress and finally take care of your health.

Antique Spoon

Here’s everything you’ll learn inside Spoonful of Burnout Relief

  • Practical and simple energy management with Spoon Theory, even if you don’t have chronic illness.
  • Why stress relief and energy management are worth prioritizing above traditional fitness and nutrition.
  • Mindset shifts to make during your daily routines, including hand-washing and showering, to help add stress relief to your day quickly and easily.
  • Simple health and beauty upgrades to help you balance your physical, mental, and emotional health. 
  • Utilizing music, dance, or fitness to figure out your current status and shift your mood, if needed.

Plus, you'll also get access to:

  • Everything you need to know to make stress-relieving self-care an easy part of your regular life.
  • A toolkit of stress-relieving methods you can tap into at any time
  • Lifetime access to the video recording and slides.
  • The Queens’ Courtyard Facebook Group for My Body My Queen students
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Spoonful of Burnout Relief is a 90-minute workshop and pep-talk teaching you how to make practical, stress-relieving, self-care a regular part of your life. 


You will receive immediate access to the 90-minute training that doubles as a loving pep talk. 


Who is teaching this workshop?

Me 👋 I’m Michelle Stevens and I’m a fitness professional and Type 1 Diabetic. I’ve been teaching self-care and energy management for 4 years through my Instagram page, workshops, and coaching sessions.  My clients used to force themselves to do self-care and have used these methods to give themselves permission to be easier on themselves. Now, I’ve bottled up everything I know about energy management, stress relief, and self-care techniques in this in-depth training so you too can recover from burnout and go from feeling “meh” about life to “mmmmmm.”

Spoonful of Burnout Relief is perfect for you if…

  • You’d never admit to it to other people, but you know you’re doing too much.
  • You’re not sure you can slow down, but you are ready to try something to take care of yourself. 
  • You love the idea of multi-tasking with your health. That’s how you do everything else anyways.


On the other hand, you might want to skip this if…

  • You’d rather “push through” your stress. 
  • You’re not open to anything that would be considered unconventional, woo, or spiritual.
  • You’re not feeling the effects of burnout, don’t stress much,  and all-in-all think life and your energy are pretty great right now. (That’s awesome!)

Spoonful of Burnout Relief

The on-demand training is ready for your immediate enjoyment.

Plus a 30- minute coaching session via Voxer! ($50 Value)

(This is part of the May and June 2021 Spring Spoonful Special.)

Enroll now for 1 payment of $50 or 2 payments of $27. 

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