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Launch Recharge VIP Experience

Launching is physically exhausting AND mentally taxing. 

If you’ve already been through a launch, you already know.

You’ve been working on this for *months* figuring out which golden nuggets of knowledge you’ll be sharing in your promotions emails and posts. You’re overthinking the sales page and forfeiting your bedtime in the process.

When the time is right to open cart, you give it 110% for your promotion. You’re everywhere – in inboxes, feeds, calendars, and the hearts of your adoring audience. *hair toss*

I know you’ve been feverishly refreshing your email for “payment received” notification to prove that all your tech actually does work and the sleep deprivation and skipped showers are paying off.

That takes a ton of energy, especially if you’re an introvert, sensitive person, or managing a diagnosis.

Blue Dress Walk 2

You can rest when the cart closes, right?



You now have new students and clients to take care of after your super successful launch! Woohoo! 


You also need time with the loved ones that were patient and supportive while you were taking care of business. (The laundry pile in the corner isn’t going to fluff and fold itself either.) 

-and then-

You start to feel yourself coming down with something along with the full-body exhaustion from the adrenaline crash. 

…Uh oh… 

You’ve worked with course creation mentors, social media specialists, and funnel experts, but who’s looking out for your health?

Forget Launching-as-Usual

Let’s get you recharged and ready for what’s next in your business.


The Launch Recharge VIP Experience


Launching is a whole-body experience. It challenges you physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

In The Launch Recharge VIP Experience, you and I will work together to create a self-care component of your launch plan that makes sense for the launch phase you’re in, what you body needs, and what is going on in your life right now. We’ll treat your launch like the high-performance activity that it is.

I’m a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and dance performer. I know a thing or two about what it’s like to show up and give 110%.


A High-Performance Self-Care Plan for entrepreneurs in launch-mode includes movement,  nourishment, and recovery. 



Do you wanna know the secret to showing up for a webinar like your energy drink was actually doing its job?

The truth is getting movement. An no, it doesn’t need to be a sweaty, early- morning bootcamp or 5-hour hike in the woods.

Move your body. Get some physical activity in. No burpees required.

Movement can be as simple as a walk to help get the butterflies out of your stomach and replace them with confidence.

Dance breaks are great, too. 😉



Food isn’t the only thing that nourishes, but having a vegetable every once in awhile is still a good idea. 

You give so much. Along with having fruits and veggies, need to give back to you in rejuvenating ways during your launch. This could be playtime, art, time in nature, or a spiritual practice.



You need some time away from screens and technology to actually recharge.

You’ll be better at setting up and checking automations when your brain has had a break.

Do you have to sit still and meditate? No!

That may look like breathing techniques, stretching, or just getting some fresh air.

You also need to sleep. Someone had to say it. (More than 3 hours)


Choose the launch phase that you’d like us to work on.

Before Your Launch

You’re in creation-mode. Whether that’s the offer itself, the promotion materials, or both, this stage is exciting but also requires grounded energy.

If you’re planning 1-2 months ahead for your launch, this is the perfect time to establish your healthy-ish launch habits.

We’re not necessarily starting new fitness or meal plans during this time, but we are creating easy routines to set you up for success.

We’ll create a plan that has movement, nourishment, and recovery throughout your week. It’ll be easy to maintain even when you’re in active promotion.

During Your Launch

You’ve spent so much time and energy planning and prepping your launch, and now it’s showtime!

Get the boost you need for your promotion from a introverted-extrovert performer who loves the spotlight but also needs recovery time from it. 

We’ll review what kind of promotion activities you’re doing. – emails, webinars, IG Lives, pop-up groups, etc.

We’ll plan how you can physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare for them and how you can recover from them.

After Your Launch

You’ve closed the cart. You have new clients and income, but the excitement that has fueled you has left your body. It’s time to catch up on sleep and your life. It’s also time to serve your clients.

Give your body what it needs to rest and recover. Celebrate yourself for doing your launch.

We’ll celebrate what went well in your launch.

We’ll create a self-care plan for your next 1-2 months that is a combination of movement,  nourishment, recovery based on what your body needs right now.

How This Works

Intake Process

Fill out the form below. I’ll reach out to discuss your day and confirm we’re a good fit.

You’ll be sent everything you need in this phase to schedule and pay for your day, sign an agreement, and complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire will describe your launch, your health needs, and how previous launches have gone related to your health.

I’ll review your questionnaire to get acquainted with you and your business. Then I’ll get started on your personalized launch self-care plan.

The VIP Experience

-Part 1- Strategizing on Zoom-

We’ll have 2- hours on Zoom to discuss your self-care plan in-depth. I know you’re busy and Zoom-fatigue is real, especially when you’re in launch-mode!

-Part 2- Implementing on Zoom or Voxer-

Making a plan is great, but not if you never implement it. Whether you need to plan out your meals, take time to stretch or strength train, or shop for self-care supplies (like good food, a foam roller, or epsom salts), I will be right there to guide you through it.

Part 3- Support on Voxer

We’ll continue the conversation over Voxer. I’ll be available to you for the next 24-48 hours. This will give you time to test out more of what we discussed and make any adjustments once you’ve had a chance to let it all soak in.

& Follow-Up

Your exact deliverables will depend on your launch phase and needs.

Whether you are a Notion or Google Doc person, you’ll get a summary of the plan we made for your easy reference and the resources you need to be successful. 

You’ll also have me cheering you on, unofficially, as an advocate for your health.

The Investment


You’ll get access to a launch strategist for your health, fitness coach for entrepreneurs, and burnout health coach all rolled into one to support you in taking exquisite care of yourself and creating a high-performance self care strategy while launching.

Hello Hello. I’m Michelle!

I’m a Type 1 Diabetic with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, food sensitivities, and asthma. Pushing through and sacrificing my health has never been an option, which means I’ve always had to do things a little differently that other entrepreneurs. Quite frankly, that’s what’s made me different as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, too.

Energy management has become the number one way I make sure I get through my promotions without crashing. My self-care looks like keeping a consistent sleep schedule, a healthy dose of pampering, and walks to give me a screen time break.

We’ll figure out what self-care combination of movement, nourishment, and recovery that is great for you. Whether you have a diagnosis, burnout, or would just love to add some self-care, I’m here to help.

Through the Launch Recharge VIP Experience, I’ll be a launch strategist for your health. 

  • We’ll look at what needs attention in your body right now and come up with a realistic plan that works with your lifestyle and business for the next 1-2 months.
  • I’ll be your guide in discovering the best self-care that will recharge and rejuvenate you so you can:
    • recover from all the prep work you’ve been doing and be ready to promote,
    • get the grounded energy boost you need mid-promotion, or
    • recover after the cart closes so you can get back to serving your clients and delivering on your launch promises. 

Could you push through your launch with the help adrenaline and extra cups of coffee?


But what if you could launch without having to peel your post-launch-zombie-self off the couch? (No offense to zombies.)



What if launching felt good for your body?

What if you gave yourself a fabulous experience like you do for your community?

You just might want to launch again, sooner, and actually be able to do it.