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    Let’s build those self-love and self-care muscles! You’re worth it, Queen. Through this “workout plan” PDF, you’ll discover how to support your physical, mental, and emotional health by adding self-care activities to your routine a little bit at a time. This process will create a beautiful foundation to balance your future fitness and nutrition endeavors.  




    On-Demand Workshops

    (With Surprise Group Coaching or Challenges)

    These workshops will help you prioritize self-care and energy management with Spoon Theory. 

    Become a Queen of Decisions in 60 minutes or less.

    You’ll learn:

    • options for quick decision making,
    • a 1-hour process for narrowing down your options when you’re overwhelmed, and
    • how to move forward with the most doable action.

    Exercise Demystified

    With Spoonful of Fitness, you can find your happy combination of rest and movement, somewhere in the expansive space between sitting and burpees, that boosts confidence and love for your body.

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    Food Sensitivities Simplified

    Food is meant to be enjoyed, but sometimes food doesn’t love you back. You may have to break up with a few, just a few. You’ll learn the food that you can be friends with and a simple way to eliminate problem foods through Spoonful of Nutrition.

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    The 2020s are offering the perfect chance for you to create new habits, prioritize your health and establish new boundaries. This workshop presents an energy-first approach to planning your week and making fitness, nutrition, and self-care part of your life.

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    Your toolkit to make practical, pleasurable, and stress-relieving self-care part of your weekly routines.

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    Consultations and Coaching

    Through the Launch Recharge VIP Experience, I’ll be a launch strategist for your health. 

    • We’ll look at what needs attention in your body right now and come up with a realistic plan that works with your lifestyle and business. 
    • I’ll be your guide in discovering the best self-care that will recharge and rejuvenate you so you can get back to serving your clients and delivering on your launch promises. 
    • We’ll use the fresh data your body is giving you right now to build a better self-care plan for your next launch too. 

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