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Exercising to punish or "fix" yourself is so pre-pandemic.

The 2020s have been happening to all of us.

The temptation is great to try and undo the effects this pandemic has had on our body as fast as possible, but that doesn’t work out so well, does it?
There are more reasons to move your body than weight loss, and they can actually help you feel healthier and more powerful.

How do you improve your fitness after a long period of inactivity when you’re already dealing with burnout or chronic illness?


Hint: It doesn’t include planning 5 days a week, only to need to drastically stop 2 days after leg day.

Fitness as Usual

  • Go from not working out for a long time to planning 5 days of exercise in your first week, starting on Monday.
  • Attempt the hard version of the exercises in your plan, because “no pain, no gain,” right?
  • Feeling super proud of yourself. (Sweaty but also proud.)
  • Having to abruptly stop everything you planned 2 days after leg day when the muscle soreness sets in because you can’t get in and out of a chair without swearing.
  • Losing the momentum and motivation to attempt another workout.

The Fit for a Queen Method

  • An energy-first approach that includes fun, curiosity, experimentation, and self-love in your fitness and self-care activities.
  • Loving your body as it is today.
  • Adjust your plan your body or life are not at 100% (due to chronic illness, life transitions, etc)
  • Rest as necessary. Be active to the extent that your energy allows.
  • Be in it for the long-term and focus on becoming an active person.

Spoonful of Fitness will help you find your happy combination of rest and movement

-somewhere along the expansive spectrum between sitting and burpees

that boosts confidence and love for your body.

"Just Do It" was never my style.

Hello Hello, Queen! My name is Michelle Stevens.
I’m a Type 1 Diabetic, multi-certified fitness professional with an MS in Exercise Science, and a compassionate health advisor.
I believe in radical ideas like

  • Food is meant to be enjoyed.
  • Fitness is for fun and feeling powerful.
  • Fitness can be a healthy part of your life without it taking over your life.
  • Surviving life circumstances is a form of self-care. Sometimes “getting by” is enough.
  • Our bodies, including yours, are beautiful.

Ready to ease into a healthy and active lifestyle?

Introducing Spoonful of Fitness

90 Minute workshop

(in video and audio formats)

Access to The Queens’ Courtyard Facebook Group for continued lifestyle support

1 Time Payment of $50

You can watch this workshop on your own time and start adding fitness into your life on your own schedule.

You definitely won’t be alone if you need support after watching this workshop. I’m just a message away to find the best way to support you.

Right now! The workshop is already available for you to watch.

My workshops are a spoonful amount of information and inspiration to get you started with your lifestyle change or upgrade.

Spoon Theory is at the heart of everything I teach. It started with the chronic pain community for explaining how chronic illness takes more energy just to get through activities of daily life.

I find that is great for so many of us to manage our energy, even without chronic illness. With hormonal cycles, life phases, life changes, and now a pandemic, many people can benefit from adjusting their life based on their energy levels.

You’ll never hear me say “just do it.”

This includes a video of the major movement categories, along with some options for customizing based on your ability.

There will be exercises and workouts within The Queens’ Courtyard (Facebook Group) and other future offers.

If you could only pick one, would you rather lose weight or enjoy the body you’re in? This workshop could help you lose weight over time, if you put this new way of life into practice along with other healthy habits.

I do not guarantee weight loss, nor do I want to. As you’ve probably experienced, lasting weight loss always takes longer than expected or hoped. I’m here to support you in finding a sustainable way of living a healthy life. I will support you in loving the body you have today. I do not believe in working out to punish or fix your body. I believe in nutrition and fitness that respects your body, that’s pleasurable and fun, and that makes you feel happy to be alive. If that sounds good to you, sign up for this special workshop.

Send a chat to me with the pink button at the bottom, right-hand corner, of this screen.

You can also send me a message on Instagram or Facebook @MyBodyMyQueen.

Spoonful of Fitness icon with spoons and lemons in the background

Spoonful of Fitness

90 Minute workshop

(in video and audio formats)

Access to The Queens’ Courtyard Facebook Group for continued lifestyle support

1 Time Payment of $50