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Didn't we start businesses to take better care of our health?

When your business and personal life are competing for priority of your available moments, it’s not surprising that “work out” moves farther down the to-do list.

You can take care of it later, once you get past this phase, right?

As entrepreneurs, we have to be careful not to burn out so we can keep making our magic and mischief in the world.

I can’t quite wave a magic wand and make the time for your health appear, yet.

But I can help you treat and prevent future business burnout by being a self-care advocate and launch strategist for your health.

Hello Hello! I'm Michelle.
I'll support you in making
Exquisite Self-Care part of your lifestyle and business plan.

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Body Compassion

Friendly reminder: You are a human first and an entrepreneur somewhere after that. 

I know you’re wearing lots of hats, but you have to show up for yourself first. Give yourself some of that gorgeous energy you’ve been giving to all the other relationships in your life.

You are worthy of your own time, energy, attention, and affection. 



Movement as self-care can take many shapes and forms. When we exercise at a low to moderate intensity we can reduce stress, insulin resistance, cortisol, and burnout while serving up a boost of endorphins.

Unstructured dance breaks, car dance parties, pole, swing, reggaetón, merengue, bachata and salsa are my favorite ways to move. It’s fun, pleasurable, and playful moments with amazing music that makes life magical.


Energy Management

Rather than expecting yourself to be go-go-go all the time, how about adjusting to your energy level for the day and picking the most efficient action plan based on that?

Sometimes that means taking a self-care break to recharge. True self-care is more than a bubble bath, but a bath is always a good place to start brainstorming other options.

I may be a fitness coach for entrepreneurs, but I'm not here to sell you a fitness fad.

I'm here to teach you how your glorious body works & help it feel good.

As cool as I make Type 1 Diabetes look, I'm sure you don't want any type of it.

One of my many missions is to get more movement in your life by swapping out fads for sustainable fitness practices. 

Getting more movement in your day helps reduce your risk for Type 2 Diabetes, insulin resistance, heart disease, and more. Even if you’re not a person who checks their blood sugar, being active still increases your insulin sensitivity. This helps prevent Type 2 Diabetes as long as possible. 

Thankfully, living a physically active life is simpler than most 30 minute workouts. 

Together, let’s heal your love-hate relationship with fitness, and eventually, your body.

I'd love to be your guide in finding what works for your health.

Your needs are different from those around you. You have permission to move through the world and care for yourself how you need to. Here are some resources to get you started.