Self-Care Their Way

In a day and age when “perfect” images of health are just a social media scroll away, it is even more important to reclaim what your priorities are for your health. The pressure to be a certain way is no longer contained in the glossy images of magazines or expertly primped personas on television.



The pressure to live up to the ideal is huge and it can be disheartening to not be living up to that standard. Personally, I’m so thankful that the body positive movement is pushing back. Spoonies are uniting. Mental health concerns are coming to light. Ableists are being called out.



Your self-care does not have to include a high intensity workout or you laughing with a salad in your hand.

It warms my heart to see my clients learning to care for their health their way.

They are giving attention where attention is due- to medical issues big and small, diagnosed and undiagnosed.



They are noticing the quirks of their bodies and acting accordingly.



They are choosing to rest and making it a priority in their lives, while still being high-achievers.



Their schedules are being rearranged around their body’s natural rhythm.



They are seeing specialists for their medical treatment and mental health.



They are stepping back from social obligations, communicating with the people around them about tough days, and asking for help.



They are spending less time with people who are toxic or energy draining.



They dressing up, enjoying their personal brand of pretty, and decluttering the clutter that dims their light.



They are enjoying their bodies, no matter their shape, no matter how they used to be.



They are managing their energy, their Spoons, and only giving a f*ck for what matters in their life.